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Alok Free Fire

Alok Free Fire

Alok is a famous DJ, ready to offer his music on the battlefield to boost morale for anyone on his side.

alok from free fire
alok from free fire

This famed character was integrated into the game, from real life in the Rio 2019 series update, in November. Currently you can get it in the store for 599 diamonds.

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Alok ability

His special ability is called "Brutal Rhythm," and it is by a vast difference from the best abilities available so far. This creates a 5-meter aura that increases movement speed by an increase of 15% and restores 5 health points for 10 seconds. It is used for any type of game, although you can get more juice in the squad.

One of the reasons Alok is used so much is because his ability is enhanced in an incredible way when combined with Joseph's “Seductive Movement”, Kelly's “Career”, with Moco's “Hacker's Eye”, and even with Jota's “Caza Sostenida”. "Brutal Rhythm" is the most versatile of all the special abilities since it harmonizes perfectly with the others.

One of the things that could be considered a disadvantage is that you cannot activate more than one at the same time. However, if the team merges and stays together during a round, activating one ability after another makes a team unstoppable.

What is bad, is that when you activate "Brutal Rhythm", Alok stays static that instant, and that the ability does not work if you are lying on the ground; You don't heal or move faster, so be very careful in close-range duels.

Skill progress

  • 1 level: Create a 5m aura that increases speed by 10% and restores 5PV for 5 sec.
  • 2 level: Create a 5m aura that increases speed by 11% and restores 5PV for 6 sec.
  • 3 level: Create a 5m aura that increases speed by 12% and restores 5PV for 7 sec.
  • 4 level: Create a 5m aura that increases speed by 13% and restores 5PV for 8 sec.
  • 5 level: Create a 5m aura that increases speed by 14% and restores 5PV for 9 sec.
  • 6 level: Create a 5m aura that increases speed by 15% and restores 5PV for 10 sec.
alok free fire
alok free fire

How to use Alok?

As mentioned before, Alok is for everything. He is the most versatile and complete character. Being able to heal, heal your allies, and increase speed grants you not only a significant advantage, but an unfair one. It doesn't take too much practice to be able to use it well. Simply activate its ability to ensure at least one kill.

If you are surprised from behind, you can use "Brutal Rhythm" to escape to safety while healing your lost life points. You can also put up a gloo wall, activate the ability, heal yourself, and go out to counterattack and quickly approach your opponent to kill him.

In squad battles it works much better indoors, if you are inside a house, stalking your opponent, "Brutal Rhythm" helps you move faster with your allies and heal them all if the confrontation begins.

Alok also works wonders if you are stalking from a distance. If you and your team are riding, you can activate the ability of this DJ if they fight back. In this case, it is your team that benefits the most, since the best thing is that you stay hidden so that you are not shot while your teammates recover life points and make the kill.

Alok Skill Combos

Its ability is almost perfect, as it does not lose its usefulness when combined with incompatible abilities such as Kla's “Muay Thai” or Misha's “Fugacity”. And while some of the best-suited ones were named before, there are plenty of combos that work well for this character.

  1. "Bushido", "Audacious Shooter" and "Sustained Hunting": There are those who use this combo as a balance option between long and medium distance confrontations, but it only makes good use of "Brutal Rhythm" at medium distance, and only after killing the rival, because we want to do more damage with "Bushido", which practically impossible at long distance.
  2. "Sustained Hunting", "Repair Team" and "Seductive Movement": This is not a bad combo at all, with Jota's ability you will recover life if you use SMG or shotguns, and at close range, Joseph's is quite useful, especially if we activate “Brutal Rhythm”. Shani's ability gives us greater durability by repairing and improving the vest; if we add to that the recovery of life after each kill that we do, Alok becomes a very difficult tank to lower.
  3. "Hacker's Eye", "Trafficker" and "Seductive Movement": If you are not comfortable with shotguns and you like to have more support oriented papers, this combo is for you. Paloma's ability allows us to have up to 180 AR bullets without taking up space in the backpack, which is undoubtedly very beneficial to mark opponents with “Eye of Hacker” and reveal their locations to our team.
  4. "Sustained Hunting", "Extremely Agile" and "Race": The shotgun combo. Ideal for the most aggressive players. Lots of speed and PV restoration with each kill what we do. Simple but effective.
  5. Other variants: Combo # 4 can be substituted "Sustained Hunting" by Joseph's ability, "Seductive Movement" or "Race" by "Bushido", to maximize damage. No. 2 can be used without "Seductive Movement" and add "Armor Specialist" to last longer, or "Extremely Agile" to increase speed not only when we are under attack.


  • Alok was added to the game to commemorate the final of the 2019 World Cup in Brazil, the artist's country of origin, who would appear at the event.
  • The phrases Alok releases are spoken in Portuguese and mean:
    • Chegou to ora let go: The time has come, let's release the sound.
    • I feel energy: Feeling energy.
    • Agora a estrela vai paste: Now the star is going to catch you.
    • It's time for the show: It's Showtime.
  • If you look at where your weapons are, you can see the amount of time "Brutal Rhythm" has left active.
free fire alok
free fire alok

Despite the small disadvantages of his ability, Alok is a fantastic character both for defense and attack, for group battles and solo. It is not for nothing that he has earned the fame of the game's best character since his appearance.