Hacks for Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most famous games today, its multiple characters and weapon packs and looks make it a unique experience, but users are often frustrated by not being able to acquire everything that the Garena company offers them.

Can Free Fire be Hacked?

Have you ever wanted a character, weapon or costume with all your might?

It is terrible not to have to buy it, right?

This is because to buy some of the latest equipment and skills you must use diamonds, which you must buy with real money.

But how impressive are those players who have everything ven

But wait!! Do not worry or get frustrated, here we have the solution for you, come with me and you will learn ...


hack free fire scripts
hack free fire scripts

This hack is one of the safest for your free fire account, as it contains an anti-ban system, (This is very important) through it you can get different tricks within the game, some of these are:

Automatic look: Once you get close to an opponent in the game, the sight will automatically activate allowing you to eliminate your enemy more easily and accurately.

Laser sight: This tool will allow you to increase your precision when taking a shot.

Headshot: All the shots you make at an enemy will go directly to his head, which will allow you to save ammunition and time when finishing your opponents.

Aren't they some cool tricks?

This hack is simple follow these steps:

  1.  you must download one of the scripts below:
  2. SCRIPT 1.44.0: 
  3. SCRIPT 1.43: 
  7. You will open the game and it will go where it says 'select process', there you will choose 'freefire'
  8. Select the magnifying glass
  9. Select the play symbol 
  10. You will click on the three points
  11. You will find the Download folder and run the script
  12. Drop menu
  13. Desbanea Imei you will click on 'ok'
  14. And ready every time you open the script you can select the tricks you want to activate within the game.
[I recommend not using the stone climbing option, as it is a trick that can ban your account].

I hope you can enjoy this hack, tell us what you think of the tricks you can use, have they helped you to improve your way of playing?


Who does not want diamonds in Free Fire? If they are great with them everything can be bought!

For this trick to work, it is very important that you follow all the instructions to the letter, let's do it:

  1. First of all, you will go to the game store and enter the 'weapon boxes' section
  2. You alternately click the first two weapon boxes for 10 seconds.
headshot free fire
headshot free fire
  • You go to the game chat and select 'section'
  • In it you will copy and paste the following command

>> HACK << _ Infinit ~ Diamonds < > Generator • <% [ID]> [$]

In the ID part you must put the name or ID of your account and where the weight symbol is, you must put the minimum number of diamonds, which are 1 million diamonds; remember that if you place a larger amount the hack will not work for you.

  • You must send this command 5 times in the chat.
  • You are going to 'exit' to return to the game lobby.
  • You enter the store again and go to the 'package' section
  • You will click the fourth and fifth frame for 10 seconds alternately.
  • You will go to 'squad modes' remember to place it in qualifier.
  • When you enter the game you will exit the game and reopen it.



The menu mod is a hack that will allow you to obtain different tricks within free fire games, in the middle of the game you will be able to display a menu where you can select the trick you need at that moment.

You will have an optional menu that other players don't have!

This is the updated link with the new mod menu that includes the option to fly in the middle of a game:

To install it you must:

  1. Go to files from your device, binder Android and you go into 'obb '.   
  • You must find the data of the game that must be called com.dts.freefireth
  • You will give the option 'Rename' y you will put any number at the end of the name ex. com.dts.freefireth1
  • You'll uninstall the game.
  • You will go to the file you downloaded (the menu mod) and you install.
  • You go back to the files, until you reach the folder with the name that we modified by placing a number, and now you will erase the number that you had written.
  • You will open the mod application and hit 'GERAR 'and' ok '.
  • You are going to give the permissions to the game in the applications section.
  • You will start the game, once the application opens you will see the menu mod where you will activate the tricks you want to have within the game.

Do you find it easy to go on and off cheats as you play? Can't this be a distraction to lose the game ... mmmm what do you think?

I hope you enjoy the menu mod a lot and can be successful in your game.


How Install the hack from free fire

And come on if you want to have a unique and great game follow these steps:

  • After installing the hack, you will enter the game where you will look for the Game Guardian icon, open it and hit 'Ok'
  • You will press the first free fire icon that appears.
  • You will click on the 'play' symbol
  • You will press the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • You will find the download folder [Download].
  • You will find the script that you installed and you will execute [execute].
  • If it asks for a password, you will place ElectroStarMDFK.
  • You will give ok or yes but before you must read what the screen shows to avoid banning your account.
  • Now you can see all the hack menu that you can use within the game.

I hope these Free Fire hacks will give you many hours of entertainment.

follow the steps to the letter so that you do not lose your account, but if possible, would it not be better to try them with an alternative account? I say just in case Garena wants to ban you, you should always be cautious.

good luck to everyone!