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What is the Shaft for in Free Fire

What is the Shaft for in Free Fire

Within the game we can find many types of weapons, in which you can equip different accessories to improve their performance.

There are four weapons that cannot carry attachments in Garena Free Fire, which are the following: M79, M1014, Parang and Pan.

In contrast, there are nine weapons that can carry all possible accessories at once, which are as follows: M4A1, AK, AWM, SKS, Groza, UMP, MP5, M14 and SCAR.

The rest do not allow the same accessories, for example, the CG15 only allows you to add a magazine with bullets. Depending on your game you will choose what type of accessory will be convenient to use.

Another important decision will be whether you want an accessory for a certain part of the weapon or not. In these situations the shaft, the bipod, the silencer and the gun mouth (mouthpiece) come into play.

If you prefer the bipod you will not be able to add the shaft, depending on your style of play you will choose the appropriate one.

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Below, we detail each one so that you know them better:

  • Silencer - Reduce gun noise and hide your location on the mini map
  • Mouthpiece: improves long-distance shooting stability
  • Astil: Decreases recoil by stabilizing the weapon.
  • Bipod: improves shooting precision and stability more than the shaft, but can only be used while bent or lying down
  • Stock: Eliminates recoil and improves shooting accuracy and stability
  • look: zooms and offers better aim in shooting
  • Bullet magazine: extends the capacity of bullets that the weapon can have before reloading

 Almost all of these accessories have three levels within the game. For example, a level one blade allows you to improve your accuracy a little, while a level three blade improves your aim considerably, making a clear difference in your games.


Its function is to eliminate the sound of the weapon so as not to be discovered and it eliminates the shot mark on the map. This does not increase the damage or range of the firearm. It is especially recommended for players who use strategy and stealth, guaranteeing enemy confusion.


This increases the damage of your weapon, it also stabilizes your weapon when shooting at long distances. When you use it your weapons are not affected by range or distance. You can continue to damage enemies in the same way as if you had them nearby. We recommend this accessory if you usually face the confrontation.


There are two types of Sight in Free Fire, the common ones (2x and 4x) and the Thermal Sight. The difference is that the Thermal Sight has a night vision sensor that leaves opponents highlighted in orange.

The x2 sight, as its name implies, magnifies the view twice.
The x4 sight, on the other hand, is the most popular and has been expanded four times.

 It is recommended for strategists and campers who decide to try their luck.


Allows you to increase the number of bullets to equip on each weapon. It is quite useful to avoid reloading in a confrontation.


It allows you to reduce recoil and increases stability and accuracy when shooting. It allows you to do it while you move, but the truth is that the difference is not very significant. We do not recommend it for use in any specific game style.


It has in theory the same operation as the stock, but it only allows you to use it while bending over or standing still. The precision when starting to shoot is noted by reducing the sight, but loses effectiveness with the playing time.

We recommend it in specific situations of positioning against the enemy.


Like the latter, it improves accuracy when shooting, while moving, reducing recoil to stabilize the weapon. In this case compared to the previous ones it is a clear winner. Not only does it maintain accuracy for longer, reducing the scope considerably, but it also reactivates its use faster when entering combat again


Finally we tell you that there are three different goal modes in FREE FIRE: standard, precise aim and total control You can change the game mode in the settings menu.

Standard mode:

In standard mode, the enemy is automatically targeted. However, it is almost impossible to get headshots in this mode, as the standard sight is always aimed at the chest. Novice players prefer to use this mode, but most of the more experienced players prefer to use other more advanced types of sights.

The use of the Standard Mira is quite widespread due to the »Bug of the Mira. red, so it only remains to shoot. Do it repeatedly so that it follows the enemy, while aiming and shooting.

Precise lens mode

The fine aiming mode is the most balanced between standard automatic aiming and full control. When you shoot without aiming, the aiming will be automatic. From the moment you use this scope you will be in control of your shots.

Full control mode

As the name implies, Full Control mode means having full control over your weapon and the way you shoot. It is a mode for experienced players only, as there is no automatic assistance.


We give you some tips to make the most of your accessories:

  1. Wear covers and stay protected whenever possible. You can use the houses and landscape of the game. Try not to go out in the open unless necessary.
  2. Don't constantly hold down the fire button, clicking without holding is more effective.
  3. If you detected the enemy first wait before shooting. Look for him to be off guard, wearing bandages or recharging.
  4. Always aim at the head. It is the easiest way to get murders.