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Free Fire submachine guns

Free Fire submachine guns

Free Fire submachine guns

Submachine guns or light machine guns are par excellence, the most suitable weapons for close-range one-on-one confrontations. You can fill your enemy with bullets in a matter of seconds thanks to the fact that they are the weapons with the highest rate of fire in the entire game.

The short range that these weapons have (a maximum of 150 meters) does not take away their versatility, since, being small, they allow us to move more easily, although they are not efficient at long distances.

Before mentioning the different models of submachine guns implemented within the game, it is necessary to explain some general information that will help you understand how much each one can help you according to your style of play.

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Hurt of the Submachine Guns

The damage between the 5 submachine gun models available is practically the same, only the Thompson, the last to have been added, has a different score (and higher) than the others. The rest have 48 points of damage.

Similarly, a shot to the opponent's head is a kill safe, but only at close range and if you are not wearing a helmet. Otherwise, you will need a couple more shots to finish off your enemy.

Firing speed in the submachine guns

The rate of fire, or rate of fire, is different between each Free Fire Submachine Gun. It varies between 69 and 83, the highest average among all types of weapons in the game. This rewards its low damage capacity and short range.

Reload speed in submachine guns

Most SMGs have a Reload Speed ​​between 48 and 62 points.

Accessories by SubFusiles

Unlike the Rifles, most of the submachine guns available in the game cannot be equipped with all the items that can improve their basic attributes; only two of these can be equipped all at once, and none have any pre-installed.

  • Muffler
  • Gun muzzle
  • Astil
  • Charger
  • View

Now yes, let's go with the 5 models of Submachine Guns that have been implemented in Free Fire.

Submachine Gun Models


Free Fire MP40
  • Damage: 48
  • Firing speed: 83
  • Rank: 22
  • Charging speed: 48
  • Cartridge: 20
  • Aim: 17
  • Extras: Handle and charger.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimal combat distance: short.

This weapon is based on the real life MP40. MP means Submachine gun, and was a very popular submachine gun among Nazi German troops during World War II.

The MP40 is one of the first weapons to be added to Free Fire. This does not mean that it is obsolete or anything like that, not at all. This is the one with the best rate of fire, which makes it very efficient for close quarters engagements like houses or warehouses. The bad thing is that it does not allow to equip accessories extras, only enlarged chargers and grip to improve stability.


Free Fire P90
  • Damage: 48
  • Firing speed: 75
  • Rank: 27
  • Charging speed: 48
  • Cartridge: 50
  • Aim: 37
  • Extras: Watch and charger.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimal combat distance: short or medium.

Based on the FN P90 it is an automatic submachine gun manufactured in Belgium by FN Herstal (Fabrique Nationale of Herstal) produced from 1990 to the present.

The P90 is a light, stable and accurate submachine gun. It can hold up to 50 rounds, so it has the best magazine in its class and can be upgraded to have even more rounds. This is especially useful for players who do not yet have very good accuracy. Another point in favor is that it can be equipped with a scope, it is not useful for long distances, but it is useful to surprise the opponent from behind and give him a couple of shots in the head.


Free Fire MP5
  • Damage: 48
  • Firing speed: 69
  • Rank: 27
  • Charging speed: 62
  • Cartridge: 30
  • Aim: 53
  • Extras: all accessories.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimal combat distance: short or medium.

Inspired by the Heckler & Koch MP5 (Maschinepistole 5), designed in West Germany between 1964 and 1966. The 5 in its name comes from the old HK numbering system, where the "5" designates the model of an automatic rifle.

The MP5 is one of the best Free Fire submachine guns, not only because it can be equipped with all accessories (which is a great advantage), but also because it has almost non-existent recoil and the highest accuracy in its category. The downside is that it does very little damage to enemies with level 3 vests and its shots are ineffective at long range.


Free Fire PMU

This is another weapon from the same creators of the MP5. Your name means Universal Maschinepistole, universal submachine gun in German, and was developed to replace the previous submachine gun.

The UMP has the same rate of fire as the P90, and the same advantage as the MP5, plus a greater range to both. However, if it is not equipped with a shaft, it can be very difficult to handle due to low precision and high recoil.


Free Fire Thompson submachine gun
  • Damage: 50
  • Firing speed: 77
  • Rank: 33
  • Charging speed: 48
  • Cartridge: 40
  • Aim: 34
  • Extras: silencer, shaft and charger.
  • Weapon availability: in loot.
  • Optimal combat distance: short or medium.

The Thompson is one of the most recognized weapons worldwide due to its vast use in Hollywood cinema during the 70's and 80's, in mobster and gangster movies, where it was the favorite weapon for the setting.

In game, it is a middle ground between the MP40's rate of fire and the P90's large magazine, with the advantage of being the submachine gun that deals the most damage. Its accuracy is somewhat low, but it is hardly felt in close-range combat.

It is the best option to explore closed places.

Now tell us, which one did you think is the best of all? Have they been useful to you in any game?