Throwing Weapons in Free Fire

Explosive Grenade Free Fire
Explosive Grenade Free Fire

Throwing weapons, or grenades, are projectiles that are launched by hand, or with a special weapon, such as grenade launchers.

The most popular is the explosive grenade, a powerful weapon that manages to be very useful during any game of Free Fire, because it can help us to end an enemy hidden in a building, and with the hateful motorhomes.

Free Fire Grenades

Inside the game there is 6 types of grenades: explosive, ice, smoke, lure, blinding, and the land mine, which also falls into this category. 4 of them work as projectiles and the other 2 as traps.

Not only do they serve to attack, they also defend us from enemy bullets, and they can help us to expose their location. They are weapons that we need to learn to use to achieve being expert players in Free Fire.

Free Fire Projectile Grenades

The grenades that we can launch both to attack our enemies and to defend ourselves against them are the following:

Explosive Grenade of Free Fire

Granada Explosiva Free Fire
Explosive Grenade Free Fire

These were the first to be added to Free Fire. They work like traditional grenades, exploding with force after being thrown to take out one or more targets. Also, you have to wait a certain time for them to explode.

Use of the Explosive Grenade

Within the game, they are used more to get the enemy out of hiding than to get a kill because they are easy to evade, although they do a lot of damage anyway. If we have several, it is not a bad idea to throw three or more so that they can do damage to the enemy.

They are also efficient against targets that are in places like watchtowers, or house roofs, where bullets they will not give them if they remain hidden.

Disadvantages of the Explosive Grenade

You can count on them a lot, but you have to use them wisely. When we launch them we are vulnerable, and if we do not do it well and hit a wall or the ceiling, they can bounce and hurt us.

Ice Grenade (Gloo Wall)

Free Fire Ice Grenade
Free Fire Ice Grenade

Ice grenades do no damage or freeze the target as we might initially think; throwing them out of them a Gloo Wall, which fulfills the function of protecting you by creating an ice wall with limited resistance to bullets.

Use of the Ice Grenade

If we are in the open field and we do not have a place nearby to help us cover ourselves from the rushing Enemy, the ice grenade can save our lives by covering us from rival bullets while we heal, or to shoot and cover us at once.

Gloo walls can withstand an impact from the M79 or an explosive grenade. It can even take a car crash.

Disadvantages of the Ice Grenade

The ice wall disappears after a while or if it takes a lot of damage. It is best to save them for the final minutes of the game.

Light Grenade

Granada de Luz Free Fire
Light Grenade Free Fire

These have the function of blinding rivals. Leaving the screen blank for all the people who see its flash within its explosion radius.

The effect lasts a few seconds, long enough to easily eliminate enemies that have fallen under the effects of this grenade.

Use of the Light Grenade

Light grenades are quite advantageous both in the open field and indoors. Since we can dazzle various rivals, these grenades give us a considerable advantage in Squad Duel, where several enemies are usually seen together, something that is much less usual in solo mode.

Disadvantages of the Light Grenade

Its biggest disadvantage is that, if we see the flash, we will also be blinded, so it is crucial to turn the other way as soon as we launch it. And in case we lose our sight, the best thing is to jump and move randomly so that we are not shot.

Smoke Grenade

Free Fire Smoke Grenade
Free Fire Smoke Grenade

These grenades have little time in Free Fire. So far nothing else is available in Duel Squads, however that doesn't detract from their usefulness. When throwing them, a cloud of smoke appears for a few seconds that serves so that they do not see us and thus flank the enemy.

Use of the Smoke Grenade

Not only do they serve to hide us from enemies that are nearby, figuratively they serve as smoke screens; that is, we can make our rivals believe that we are in the place where we threw them so that they approach and shoot, revealing their location.

Disadvantages of the Smoke Grenade

If we do not know how to use them, it is best to leave them where we find them. Although very useful, the smoke reveals our position, which would greatly help distant enemies to locate and ambush us. Perhaps this is the grenade that requires more intelligence when used.

Free Fire Trap Grenades

These are the ones we simply leave somewhere waiting for our adversaries to reveal their location upon encountering them.

Granada Lure

Granada Señuelo Free Fire
Grenade Lure Free Fire

This curious grenade with a shape similar to the statuette of the Oscars, but with a assault rifle in hand, it deploys an armed survivor when thrown, which can help us wait for an enemy to appear.

Use of the Granada Lure

The decoy grenade serves as a distraction maneuver for enemies that are not paying 100% attention.

By having the fictional survivor on the battlefield, we can use it just like the smoke grenades: triggering the shots of our rivals so that we can see their location on the map.

Disadvantages of the Granada Lure

The bad thing is that, if we face experienced players, the lure will be of little use, since they are easy to identify thanks to their clothing, which we have when entering the game for the first time.

Land Mine

Free Fire Land Mine
Free Fire Land Mine

The mine is a very powerful explosive that can be placed anywhere in the map. It activates when stepped on and deals a lot of damage.

Use of the Land Mine

Using the mines is very simple, just leave them on the ground and that's it, but in order to be really efficient and surprise the enemy, you have to use your head.

We cannot leave them in places where they can be easily seen. It would be best to leave them near the entrances of the houses or when climbing the stairs so that they can harm our rivals when they try rushear.

They can also be hidden in the grass, in the open field, but it is more difficult for the enemy to step on them.

Disadvantages of the Land Mine

Unfortunately, mines take a while to explode after being stepped on, so it is best to place them indoors. Of course, we do not stay very close to them since it could lower enough life points to ourselves.