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Free Fire Accounts

Free Fire Accounts

The latter is not a difficult task, there are three ways to achieve it: Buy them, win them in raffles, and stealing them.

How did the Account Sale Start?

Free Fire (developed by 11dots Studios) is a Battle Royale-style game for mobile devices, similar to Fortnite but which does not need as many resources to be enjoyed, which has given it great popularity among Gamers with low and mid-range equipment.

Due to this fever, many of the new players, and some veterans, look for options that facilitate the way to reach the top; the most common: benefit bugs of the game, and acquire accounts cheadas.

What ways are there to get free accounts?

Before continuing to explain all the methods I will provide you with a useful information, and that is in this section below you can get Free Fire codes

Buy and Sell accounts of Free Fire

This is the traditional way, used since the origin of online games. As simple as talking to a friend and giving him money or doing him a favor in exchange for his account.

You can also get accounts for sale in Facebook groups, in Marketplace, and even Mercadolibre. If you want to acquire them by these means, it is advisable to first make sure of the origin of the account, so as not to be banned after having paid, and that the seller is someone trustworthy who provides the correct email and password.

Even with that small risk, this is the safest way to get an account. problems, since, in general, these are for sale because their owners no longer use them.

Although, having the data, it is possible that the original owner will recover the account, a point that will be discussed later.

Win draws

In the same Facebook groups, from time to time a charitable user appears who decides to create some dynamic in which the winner is rewarded with the account that he will no longer use, or that he obtained through third parties.

This practice is more frequent among y, who frequently carry out these raffles to reward their followers.

Steal accounts of Free Fire

Unfortunately, the very success of Free Fire, and the growing need of the community, has created a market for buying and selling that not only gives rise to honest sellers, but has also served as an abode for malicious users who seek to take advantage of the most naive or desperate players, in order to profit by selling their accounts later.

Worse still, the scammers themselves ask the victims for money to pay them back, of course without any guarantee that they will keep their word after paying them.

How do they steal the accounts?

Websites and applications that promise an exaggerated amount of diamonds are the tools most used by scammers, since, through them, they request the complete data of each user in exchange for a non-existent prize. This method is not only used with diamonds, but also with other items coveted by the community.

Another method used is the "account exchange". This act is quite common among players who have a lot of confidence, however, there are those who pretend to be friends, helping to climb the ranks, talking, and even giving some diamonds to the future victim to gain their trust and thus achieve that agree to exchange.

Once the barter is done, the scammer uses Garena's security measures in his favor, requesting, through the affiliated telephone number, a code with which he can recover the account.

Likewise, there are those who, pretending they have no idea how to regain access, convince the target to lend them their phone number to request the recovery code, actually requesting the code to obtain the other's account.

how to avoid being scammed in free fire?

Many cases like those mentioned above have been known in the community. To avoid them, it is advisable to enter both the official Free Fire group on Facebook and the alternative groups to search for complaints from players who have been scammed.

The safest thing is without a doubt, to climb each step little by little, buy diamonds in the game, or participate in the raffles of the y With a good track record, and playing without wanting to find shortcuts, or find shortcuts from VERY reliable sources, because there is another risk: the ban.

Can you ban me from Free fire?

Yes, of course. That is why it is of the utmost importance not to try to be smart or to be very careful when we use one that belonged to another person, because depending on the seriousness of the infraction, Garena can suspend or ban the account, and even ban the IMEI of the smartphone, and this being the case, the mobile phone will no longer be able to enter Free Fire.

Ban by hack

One of the ways you can be banned is by using hacks. Whether it is to fly, to run faster or to try to use those fraudulent applications that “give away” diamonds, the game has a system capable of detecting players who have irregularities. While not 100% effective, it does lessen damage against players who don't use these cheats.

To help Garena with the banning of these cheating users, anyone can fill out a small form that serves to make the complaint.

Ban for game errors

There are glitches that allow players to take advantage during games. Errors such as crossing walls, jumping over the map, or becoming invisible, which are penalized despite being flaws that the game itself has.

It is also common for people to be banned because they asked for a refund after buying diamonds that did not arrive after several days, and just when the recharge becomes effective, the game takes this as a hack and ban the player.

In conclusion

If you are, or want to be, a Free Fire player, and you want to have a long life within the community, you are not going to swallow any bitter pills, do not provide personal data to third parties, no matter how much trust there is, and do not try to hack the game either. To move faster, it is suggested to buy an account from someone you trust, or wait for a giveaway, any other method is almost certainly a scam.

Don't be scammed. Always remember to check before making any type of transaction, and report any irregularities you see in the game through the form arranged by Garena.

Free Fire Game Free

¿Free Fire is a Free game? - Yes, totally, you only need to pay for extra accessories, but don't worry you can get free diamonds o free fire codes on our website