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Free Diamonds Free Fire

free diamonds free fire

Diamonds in Free Fire are the Virtual currency with which you can redeem Rewards, outfits, benefits and more in the Garena game.

To get the Diamonds in free fire quickly you have to buy them for Real money or follow one of these methods, they are slower but you can get them for free.

On this website we have a Unique and Special Method, we are doing a free fire quiz in which those who complete it correctly you can earn 56000 Diamonds in Free Fire, you just have to press this red button below.

Don't forget you can get Free Fire Codes to exchange for Diamonds in this section, what are you waiting for!

How to Get Diamonds in Free Fire

Like you, there are many players who do not know the secrets to achieve FREE DIAMONDS IN FREE FIREBecause yes, there are ways to do it, and here we will explain how, but first you must know how to get diamonds in all possible ways.

Can you only buy diamonds in the store?

Yes but no. You see, they can only be bought in the store, but it is not the only way you can get diamonds in Free Fire, although it is the fastest way.

How to buy diamonds in Free Fire?

The first thing you should do is click on the diamond icon that appears at the top of the game's initial menu. There you will see several recharge options with their respective prices.

Free Fire Recharge Options
Free Fire Recharge Options

By clicking on one of these 6 options, the Google Play menu will open asking for the payment method.

You can pay with your Credit Card, entering all the corresponding data and follow the steps indicated by the game.

Buy Free Fire diamonds with Paypal

There are two ways to buy free fire diamonds with paypal, I indicate them here:

Buy diamonds with Paypal by Google Play

To do it in the traditional way, you must follow the steps indicated above, but instead of selecting Credit Card, you will select Paypal as payment method and you will put all the data that Google Play requests.

Buy diamonds with Paypal by Pagostore.

If the Paypal payment option does not appear within the game, then you must buy diamonds by Pagostore. Before going to the page, you will click on your Nick, in the upper left, to enter your information.

(By the way, if you are interested in having an original Nick, click here! so you know how. You will be the envy of your entire squad)

Once inside, in the GALLERY tab, you will find your player name and below that a numeric code. That is your player ID. You must copy it by clicking on the small icon on the right side of your ID or writing it down anywhere if you play for emulador.

Having it copied, you will open your browser on your pc or mobile and enter the page

Pagostore Free Fire Recharge Center
Pagostore Free Fire Recharge Center

In this case, you will select that you will perform a recharge in free fire and you will paste your ID.

Then the payment methods and the amount of diamonds you want to buy will appear. Select the one you like and click on "Proceed to checkout."

Payment Options Pagostore Free Fire
Payment Options Pagostore Free Fire

It will immediately load the BoaCompra page and there you must confirm the payment method.

Confirm Free Fire diamond payment
Confirm Free Fire diamond payment

You will enter your personal data and continue with the purchase until I tell you that it has been a success.

As you can see, the purchase process is very simple. Now we will tell you how to get diamonds in free fire without spending your money and without losing your account in the attempt.

Free Fire Diamond Hack

The first thing you have to know, is that there is no hack that gives diamonds. What these supposed hacks do is place a Visual Effect so that it appears on the screen that you have the amount of diamonds you want, but when you use them, you will realize that you have nothing.

It is an effect similar to that applied Lulubox so you can use any skin within the games without having bought it.

Free Fire Diamond Apps

On the internet you can get many, but you need to know that the apps to get diamonds don't work.

As detailed in this post, most of those pages and applications that offer free diamonds, are scams and seek to steal the accounts of unsuspecting players. Please don't be one of them. Read on so you know how to get diamonds without losing your account.

Diamond Generators for Free Fire

If you read the previous two sections, you already have an idea of ​​what comes next. Currently there are no Diamond Generators for Garena Free Fire but, if you are interested in more about it, you can click here when you are done reading this post.

How to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

As we told you at the beginning, yes you can get diamonds for free, and it is quite simple and safe. You can have them by Redeeming Codes, participating in Free Fire Giveaways. You will be able to get all the diamonds you want without having to touch your pocket and without having to give your personal data to strangers or pages of dubious origin.

Free Fire Giveaways

Following the steps that we indicate in more detail here!, you will be participating to win many free diamonds in a totally safe way in our free diamond draw for free fire

Codes for diamonds Free Fire 2020

Of course, we also have an infinity of codes to get FREE diamonds in Free Fire They work 100%, you just have to go check it yourself, no matter the day, every month we update the codes!